GenomEra® technology platform is a powerful tool for molecular testing especially in routine applications, where speed, ease-of-use and safe operation is appreciated. Using products developed on this technology platform does neither require specific skills in molecular biology nor dedicated laboratory facilities.

The GenomEra® technology combines a rapid assay principle employing Time Resolved Fluorescence detection with a simple-to-use reagent concept on a low-cost plastic test chip.

The assay principle guarantees robustness and reliability –  even very challenging sample types can be used. The necessary sample preparation is a simple and rapid procedure requiring no DNA or RNA isolation.

The tests chips are run in an automated analyzer with a built-in thermal cycler, operating by a proprietary principle. Before starting the PCR or RT-PCR amplification, the analyzer automatically seals the chips in an irreversible manner to eliminate contamination.

The GenomEra® platform is built on key technology components summarized below and covered by IPR held by the company:

  • Ready to use dry chemistry in a simple chip format
  • Rapid PCR and RT-PCR amplification using a novel thermal cycler and operational principle
  • Homogenous assay methods for detection of PCR products
  • Labels for Time Resolved Fluorescence detection