MRSA/SA Multi Swab

GenomEra® MRSA/SA Multi Swab is intended for simultaneous screening of multiple body sites which are most likely to be colonized with MRSA (nose, throat and groin/perineum). The clinical sensitivity of MRSA testing is significantly improved by expanding the screening to extra-nasal sites. Multi Swab assay kit is also compatible for swabs taken from wounds and other infection foci.

Assay accepts direct swab specimens pooled in liquid medium (eSwab MRSA Collection System, Copan). The same medium can also be used for confirmation by culture, thus removing the need for collecting additional samples.

Collecting samples from multiple colonization sites to increase the clinical sensitivity of MRSA screening has become a common practice in culture-based applications. GenomEra® Multi Swab assay now enables this approach also for sensitive molecular testing.

In a study conducted in a Finnish hospital, GenomEra® MRSA/SA Multi Swab assay yielded positive results for all 34 positive pooled samples:

MRSA carriers

Assay steps for the direct MRSA/SA Multi Swab assay:


Take a sample; vortex


Centrifuge 2 minutes and remove the supernatant


Re-suspense the pellet, transfer to tube B


Vortex for 2 minutes, spin briefly


Pipette to test chips and start the GenomEra CDX assay run

GenomEra MRSA/SA Multi Swab Brochure