Genomera® CDX System

The GenomEra® CDX system offers an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for routine molecular testing with high performance, reliability and quality of the results.Genomera_kuva

Top class sensitivity
The unique combination of highly fluorescent, proprietary lanthanide labels and the robust time-resolved detection technology enables a high detection sensitivity with no signal interference from the clinical samples.

Simplicity at its extreme
All PCR or RT-PCR reagents are readily dried and preloaded in the patented, ready-to-use test chips. There is thus no need to resuspend or handle PCR reagents. The software incorporates clear and simple result interpretation technology.

Robustness and reliability
The easy-to-use software interface provides a powerful tool for automated and reliable result interpretation. Traceability is ensured by using barcodes, which are automatically read by the analyzer at the start of each test run.

High Speed Results
The patented multi-block thermal cycling technology enables rapid PCR and RT-PCR amplification with 45 thermal cycles. The run time for 4 patient samples is 50-70 minutes. The sample preparation of the 4 samples takes 5-10 min depending on the assay kit.

Decreased contamination risk
The preloaded test chip design and the automated, permanent sealing of the test chips enable easy disposal of the low-volume waste with no risk of cross-contamination. There is no need for dedicated laboratory premises or for expertise or previous experience in PCR testing.