GenomEra Flu A/B + RSV CE IVD approved and available!

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Abacus Diagnostica´s GenomEra Flu A/B + RSV is now CE IVD approved and available! To discuss more about our new product, come and meet us at ECCMID 2019 in Amsterdam, booth 1.148!


Analyte                                 PPA (i.e. sensitivity)                        NPA (i.e. specificity)        Accuracy

Flu A (n=1256)                   97.1%                                                    99.4%                                    98.6%

Flu B (n=1256)                   100%                                                     100%                                     100%

RSV (n=701)                        98%                                                        99.8%                                    98.7%

Overall accuracy:  99.3%