MRSA/SA Diagnose

Culture-based methods are widely used for primary routine screening of MRSA and form the foundation for cost-effective MRSA detection in non-urgent settings. The most cost-efficient way for culture-based screening is to use multi swab samples from the same patient.

For an early diagnosis, the genetic identification of the grown colonies is a vital process in the reliable detection of MRSA.

The automated GenomEra® MRSA/SA Diagnose PCR test allows rapid and sensitive detection of MRSA or S. aureus in bacterial colonies picked from any culture plate suspected positive for MRSA or S. aureus. The test does not require sample preparation such as cell lysis or DNA extraction. Accordingly, the test enables a definitive genetic diagnosis of MRSA or S. aureus in less than one hour compared to hours or even days spent with conventional identification methods.

Clinical performance

Sensitivity: 415/415 = 100%
Specificity: 182/182 = 100%

Sensitivity: 515/515 = 100%
Specificity: 81/82 = 98.7%

Assay steps for culture plates:


Touch a singular colony.


Shake the cells
into buffer


Pipette to test chips and start the GenomEra CDX assay run