MRSA/SA Blood Culture

When the infection has spread to the bloodstream, reliable results are needed fast. The immune response to bacteraemia can cause sepsis and septic shock, which result in a high rate of mortality despite intensive care. The bacteria can also invade other sites of the body via the bloodstream, causing other life threatening infections.

The current microbe identification methods may take from 1-2 additional days after receiving a positive signal from blood culture. In the meantime clinicians often employ empiric treatment approaches, that can be costly, ineffective and contribute to the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

The GenomEra® MRSA/SA Blood Culture test detects the presence of MRSA and S. aureus in positive blood culture bottles in 50 minutes and enables immediate start of targeted antimicrobial therapy. It has been reported that each hour of delay in the administration of an effective antimicrobial therapy results in mean decrease of 8 % in patient survival (Kumar A et al. Crit Care Med 2006;34:1589–1596). A rapid and direct nucleic acid based test thus brings significant improvements to the care of critically ill patients.

Clinical performance

Sensitivity: 11/11 = 100%
Specificity: 642/643 = 99.8%

Sensitivity: 138/138 = 100%
Specificity: 526/527 = 99.8%

Assay steps for blood cultures:





Mix the positive blood culture sample with buffer

Pipette to test chips
and start the GenomEra
CDX assay run